Careful reflections on lifestyle and the knowledge of the production process are the bases to create news fabrics.

In our culture, in the art and in the style we find the roots that let us present catchy and gorgeous fabrics, able to stimulate the capacity to make fashion trends that has always distinguishes the Made in Italy.

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Our philosophy has always been to develop high quality fabrics, placing us as partner at the service of our customers.

We have the abilities to hear the ideas and the requests of our customers and we have the know-how to translate them in fabrics that the customer wants to see and touch.

Research, cooperation and service are the PLUS that we offer to sell in an increasingly complex and competitive market.

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The management of Tessitura Corti is firmly convinced of the inspiring values of its corporate mission in an increasingly saturated and finicky market, sometimes disrespectful about the ethical and social principles.

Our key points are:

  • research and creativity
  • quality in the product
  • product innovation

that represent the bases to realize products and services able to fully satisfaction the implicit and the explicit needs of our customers.

To reach this, Tessitura Corti promotes, develops and supports as follows:

  • developing and manufacturing innovative fabrics that meet the requirements of the customer and the market on quality, color and tecnical characteristcs
  • to increase our know-how respecting our consolidated tradition
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TESSITURA CORTI is convinced that, today and in the next future, the enviroment protection is a socio-ethical obligation.

This requires an attention of environmental management cooperating with carefully selected partners who have our own philosophy.

All dyeing, silicone and resin coating, lamination and all performance processes are carried out in compliance with current regulations.


Over 100 years of life.

  • 2001

    The new millennium

    Our technical knowledge has allowed us to expand and invest our skills also in the fashion sector in a natural and completely spontaneous way, responding to market demand.

  • 1970

    The 70s

    Our know-how in the Performance Fabrics began in the 70s, and at the end of the 80s with the development of the microfibers, we began to produce the first innovative fabric for free time, combining technological yarns with natural yarns and special treatments.

  • 1950

    The twentieth century

    The human and cultural value is a precious heritage that our roots have transmitted us to maintain, increase and develop our professional capacity.

    Thanks to our flexible structure we are able to adapt us to new market demands quickly and on time.

  • 1904


    TESSITURA CORTI was founded in 1904 with  factory and production department in Cassago Brianza in the middle of the Milan-Como-Lecco triangle.