We provide for customers all our human resources, work equipment and our know-how developed in more than a century of activity to achieve the best quality results by layering the offer for style and quality.

The weaving is the central moment of our activity, in harmony with careful planning.

The production activity takes place inside our structure and we use partners for the finishing of the product through which we guarantee to the customer a vertical structure.

Thanks to our skills and to our know-how we are able to offer a wide range of synthetic and natural fabrics for different markets:

  • city wear fabrics
  • sports fabrics
  • fashion fabrics
  • accessories fabrics
  • professional clothing fabrics
  • technical specifications fabrics
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Research, cooperation and service are the PLUS  that we offer to our customers to sell in a market increasingly more complex and competitive.

Constantly evolving to search proposal in line with current trend of image and touch, special effects obtained with technological and state-of-the-art processing.                                             

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Tessitura Corti is certified according to the Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.


The Management System for the Quality of Tessitura  Corti s.r.l. it applies to the activities of:

Design and production of clothing and accessories fabrics and for technical,civil, industrial, military use.


Tessitura Corti s.r.l. has set up a Quality Management System suited to its organization, work activities and specializations, in order to demonstrate its ability to provide products and services that meet the customers’ requirements and specific obligatory conditions; with the aim to implement and maintain an effective management of internal processes and improving internal quality in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers.

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