Work Mountain Military Manufacturing Specifications – TECH

Technical fabrics.

Technical fabrics line proposed by Tessitura Corti is always in evolving with the best performance PTFE membranes: a  body comfort even in a warm summer by better and excellent breathability linked to its capillary porosity, to the lightness effect, which gives to the person that dress up the garment a feeling of well-being. Elaborations of technical unions or patterns through coupling or resin coating.

We are able to offer high-visibility fabrics, with breathable membranes, resin coating, laminated, anti-bacterial, flame-retardant, anti-static and anti-shielding electrosmog screens, industrial applications which comply with all safety regulations, therefore to use in work clothing, accident prevention, military, civil protection, health, camouflage combat suits, anti-infrared, military uniforms, kart suits, motorcycle clothing anti-abrasion, anti-cut and pierce-proof, ballistic.